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- Senior Petroleum Geochemist

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Extensive experience in petroleum geology/geochemistry, including evaluating petroleum systems, as well as evaluation of hydrocarbon source potential of sedimentary basins; evaluating and assessing the unconventional shale gas plays; evaluating and interpreting the biological marker and stable isotope data and integrating them to the petroleum system assessment of sedimentary basins; Reservoir Oil Fingerprinting (ROF) and reservoir continuity studies.

Applying geological and geochemical (including biomarker fingerprints and stable isotopic compositions) to identify and characterize source rocks, crude oils and natural bitumen, as well as oil-to-oil and oil-to-source rock correlation. Setting up and managing petroleum geochemical laboratories.


1977 - 1979: Post-Doctoral Research in Petroleum Geology/Geochemistry at Oil and Gas Branch of the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), Denver, Colorado, USA.

1977: Ph.D. in Petroleum Geochemistry/Geology, Aachen Institute of Technology (AIT) in Germany.

1973: MS.C. in Mineralogy/Organic Geochemistry, University of Göttingen in Germany.

1971: BS.C. in Geology/Mineralogy, University of Göttingen in Germany.



October 2014 - present: General Manager of Global Conventional & Unconventional Geochemistry, California and Texas, USA

Providing petroleum geochemical services (analytical and consulting)

April 2003 - Oct. 2014: Senior Petroleum Geochemist of MENA (Middle East & North Africa), Weatherford Laboratories

Deeply involved in geochemistry of conventional and unconventional hydrocarbon (oil/gas) plays in several basins/counties in USA (Texas, Oklahoma, Alabama, Rocky Mountain area and New York), Germany and Poland; involved in petroleum geochemistry projects (exploration and production) from major oil companies in USA, MENA, Japan, Nigeria, Kenya, and Venezuela. Compiling, evaluating geochemical/geological date and writing interpreted reports; Reservoir Oil Fingerprinting (ROF), environmental forensic projects.

Oct. 1998 - March 2003: Consultant Geochemist – Woodland Hills, California, USA and Umweltwirtschaft Company, Stuttgart, Germany

Working as a consultant (geologist/geochemist) on several petroleum system projects from oil companies in Nigeria, Japan and USA, compiling and evaluating geochemical data, writing interpretive and integrated reports. Working on environmental (forensics) geochemistry projects in Germany, France, Italy, Austria and Switzerland. As consultant geochemist of European Commission, working on the environmental forensic project (INCORE, Integrated Concept for Groundwater Remediation) funded by the European Commission (EC). Lecturing environmental (forensic) geochemistry courses in different institutions in Europe.

May 1987 - Sept. 1997: Director of Petroleum Geochemistry Global Geochemistry Corporation, Los Angeles, California, USA

Responsible for initiating and directing petroleum geochemistry/geology projects; compiling and evaluating geological and geochemical data from Los Angeles, Ventura, San Joaquin Basins in California, integrating them in interpretative petroleum system reports (multi-client reports); providing petroleum geochemistry/geology consulting services to major international oil companies in the USA and overseas.

Aug. 1981 - May 1987: Head of Geochemistry Unit Robertson Research Singapore, Singapore

Providing geological/geochemical consulting services to major oil companies in Southeast Asia; producing and compiling geochemical data; evaluating and writing integrated reports for several large regional petroleum system studies (multi-client studies) in Indonesia (all basins first and then individual, e.g. Java and Sumatra Basins), Malaysia, Australia (Northwest Shelf, Cooper and Eromanga Basins), Papua, New Guinea (Papuan Basin).

June 1980 - Aug. 1981: Research Scientist - Institute for Petroleum and Organic Geochemistry at Nuclear Research Center (KFA) in Juelich/Germany

Coordinating geological research projects; investigating crude oils and natural gases; oil/oil correlation studies using results of GC, GC-MS and stable isotope ratios; geological studies of single and multiple exploratory wells.

July 1979 - June 1980: Research Scientist Continental Shelf Institute (IKU), Trondheim, Norway

Working on several research studies on North Sea.



American Citizen
Trilingual (English, German and Farsi)